Creating New Possibilities

Our Story

In space, there is no second-place or second chances: no backup squads, relief teams, or recovery assets. Success or failure, right or wrong, light or dark, there is no grey area.

The altitudes and standards are high; the temperatures and demands extreme.  Protecting today and exploring tomorrow requires more than “okay.” Our customers expect us above to support those on the ground. Being the best comes with starting with the best, and OpTech employees deliver.

It’s Optimum, or it’s not.

Founded in 2015, Optimum Technologies LLC provides professional technical services specializing in aerospace solutions related to satellite, ground, and mission systems engineering.




most conducive to a favorable outcome; best.

synonyms: best, most favorable, most advantageous, most appropriate, ideal, perfect, prime, optimal, model; finest, superlative, peak, top, supreme, excellent, flawless, first-class; informal: tip-top, A1, stellar, top-notch


the most favorable conditions or level for growth, reproduction, or success.

 Our People

We pride ourselves in retaining top-tier employees to provide optimum support to our clients.

Our team includes space industry experts specializing in full lifecycle support; from the initial proposal to final disposal. Our employees bring experience in:

Large Procurement Captures and Contract Acquisition

Expert Technical Program Management

Aerospace, Systems, and Mechanical Engineering

Test and Integration

Fault and Data Management

Robotic Servicing

Security and Classified Management

NASA, DOD, and Commercial Contracts


Featured Employee for September


Ben Herbert, Senior Systems Engineering Consultant

Ben has nearly 15 years of experience working as a Space Systems Engineer for human spaceflight missions, launch vehicles, and Small Sats. Before joining Optimum Technologies in 2019, he worked at Orbital Sciences Corporation, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Adcole Maryland Aerospace on programs including Orion Launch Abort System, Cygnus ISS Commercial Resupply, Stratolaunch, Dream Chaser ISS Cargo Resupply, and various CubeSat missions. Ben’s expertise lies in requirement development, verification development, system architecture, budget management, process development, program management, fault protection, and systems engineering support for software and avionics. Ben holds a BS in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University and an MS in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ben is located in Denver, Colorado.



Jeffrey Gick, President

Before founding Optimum Technologies in 2015, Jeff worked at Hughes Space & Communications and Orbital Sciences Corporation. He has extensive engineering, program management, and business capture experience. While at Orbital, Jeff was the AFRL ANGELS PM, the NTS-3 proposal capture lead, and the PM for a space-based M-code GPS receiver. He has 30+ years of satellite and aerospace development experience and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University (1985).


John Hildebrand, Vice President

Before co-founding Optimum Technologies in 2015, John previously worked at Lockheed Martin, United Space Alliance, and Orbital Sciences Corporation. While at Orbital, John was the Orion Launch Abort System DPM and the USAF GSSAP DPM. He has 30+ years of satellite and aerospace development experience in both the commercial and government sectors. John holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University (1987) and an MS in Systems Engineering from George Washington University (2008).