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Optimum Technologies LLC is a professional technical services company specializing in aerospace solutions related to satellite, ground, and mission systems engineering


~ When operating at altitudes above 35,000km, there are 35,000 reasons why you need a grade-A company that hires grade-A people



As a member of the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC), Optimum Technologies LLC partners with large companies providing value-added support to obtain Other Transaction Authority (OTA) as a non-traditional defense contractor

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Systems Engineering

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Consulting For Satellites, Launch Vehicles and

    Systems Engineering

  • Space System Architecture Development

  • Requirements Development and Management

  • Design Review Coordination and Support

  • Subsystem Coordination

  • Launch Vehicle Interface Support

  • Mission Operations Planning and Support

  • Risk Management

  • Integration and Test Support



Business Development

  • New Business Capture and Support

  • Identify/Capture Program Follow-on Opportunities

  • Proposal Development and Writing

  • Black Hat, Pink, Red, Gold Team Support

  • Development of Basis of Estimates and Realistic Cost Estimates

Program Management

  • New Program Startup

  • Subcontractor Management

  • Change Management

  • Contract Deliverable Product Development

  • Schedule Development and Management

  • Internal and Customer Review Material Preparation

  • Action Item Management

  • Business Operations Support

  • Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

  • Financial Modeling

  • Cost Analysis and Estimation

  • Integrated Baseline Review Development


Add New GPS Capabilities to Your Platform

Add New GPS Capabilities to Your Platform

PNT Solutions

Over the past several years, the employees of Optimum Technologies have been developing a new Precision GPS architecture to bring affordable cm-level accuracy worldwide.

Our architecture can also provide PNT resiliency and anti-spoofing solutions for the commercial and government sectors.  We are now exploring many different Space and Ground Mission Applications.

Additional Reachback

  • Procedure Development

  • Rendezvous and Proximity Mission Development and Operations

  • Orbital Mechanics Modeling

  • Guidance, Navigation and Control

  • Software Development and Test

  • Mechanical Design and Analysis

  • Thermal Design and Analysis

  • Electrical Design and Analysis

  • Requirements Development, Verification and Validation

  • Integration and Test Support



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